BIA planning ‘Clean Sweep’

“Everyone has a broom, the next step is to volunteer.”
That’s the message the local Business Improvement Area is touting for its first-ever “Clean Sweep” on Scott Street planned next Thursday (May 2).
Starting at 5 p.m., the BIA and Public Works is encouraging everyone to bring their brooms to the downtown area and help sweep up.
“It’s something we have to do every year anyway so why not make an event out of it?” BIA chair Ted DeBenetti said yesterday.
“Especially with the WHO conference coming up, it’s nice to get the downtown clean,” he noted. “The WHO conference should be pretty interesting. And I have to take my hat off to the people that have worked to showcase the area.”
“We’re hoping to get a lot of volunteers,” said BIA secretary Laurie Beadle. “People should be more involved in keeping our community clean and this event is a chance to put business owners and the public together.”
Service clubs, organizations, families, and even high school students who need to accumulate volunteer hours are all welcome to come out and sweep for the hour or so.
Since sweeping can be hard work, the Rainy Lake Hotel and Robin’s Donuts are pitching in with coffee, juice, and donuts for all participants.
Those turning out will be asked to sweep off the sidewalks, pushing any garbage onto the street. Public Works street cleaners then will be out the next morning to clear away the dirt and debris.
Depending on its success, “Clean Sweep” could become an annual event.
The idea came from local BIA reps who attended the inaugural meeting of the Ontario Business Improvement Area Association back in March.
To let the BIA know you’re participating, call the BIA office at 274-7502. High school students can sign up at the main office.