Bell telecommunications tower to be erected in town; company seeking input

By Merna Emara
Staff Writer

The Town of Fort Frances council received a proposal from Bell Canada to erect a new 35 ft telecommunications tower at 238 Church St.

Adam Fulford, project director, gave a presentation during last week’s Committee of the Whole council meeting on the project timeline and benefits.

He said they are looking to improve network services in town.

“This is intended to replace existing telecommunications infrastructure that is providing services on the 4G LTE network, and also to allow for the potential for expansion of additional network services as technology evolves,” Fulford said. “This structure is designed to look more sleek, and aesthetically pleasing within an urban community.”

Fulford said they try to align with current land use activities. He added that the new tower would be constructed close to the current TBaytel tower, but that it will not interfere with its signal.

The next step, he added, is to ensure that council, town staff and interested members of the public are made aware of what they are doing to bring improved services to the community.

This will be achieved by inviting any members of the public who are interested, including city staff, to submit comments and questions to the consultation for a 30-day period.

“Following that 30-day period, provided that all comments and considerations have been brought forward and addressed in accordance with the regulatory framework, we will be bringing forward a request for concurrence or an update to council as well,” Fulford said.

During the public consultation, Bell Canada will also circulate a mailout to property owners within three times the tower height (105m) and publish a newspaper advertisement in the Fort Frances Times.

Fulford added that following that consultation upon the receipt of the concurrence from the township they will be looking to build the structure and bring improved services, maintain the existing services, and bring the capacity for improved services as we move forward.