Beards to be ‘enforced’ in New Year

With a beard-growing contest being held in conjunction with the Town of Frances’ centennial celebrations in 2003, centennial co-ordinator Marla Simpson is urging every man to give it a shot.
And if they don’t without first getting a permit to go beardless, there could be consequences–a $2 fine from the “beard patrol.”
“On certain days, we’ll be going around and looking for guys without beards and without the buttons we’re selling,” she remarked. “The $2 ‘fine’ is a way for them to get a button.
“We want to encourage people to get involved.”
The buttons exempting men from growing a beard first will be available during “The Great Centennial New Year’s Day Levee” coming up next Wednesday (Jan. 1) at the Memorial Sports Centre.
After that, they will be available at the museum, Celeste’s, and The Den. Men also can register to enter the contest at these locations and during the New Year’s levee.
The entry fee for this contest is $5, and prizes will be awarded in various categories, including “Mr. Centennial” (for the most representative of 100 years ago), “Mr. Perfect” (for the neatest, best-groomed beard), and “Mr. A for Effort” (for the poorest attempt at growing a beard).
Judging will take place during the April 11, 2003 town council meeting—the anniversary of the day the Town of Fort Frances officially was incorporated 100 years ago.
Simpson noted she’s aware of quite a few men who are willing enter the contest, including town employees and councillors, and encourages businesses to challenge each other to see which one’s employees can grow the best beard.
But one entrant who’s not sure shaving it off will be a good idea, but is doing it out of duty, is the town’s Administration and Finance manager Darryl Allan.
“I’m getting a lot of flak from my wife and friends. She says, ‘You can’t do it.’ But I never listen to her anyway,” he laughed. “Off [it] comes Dec. 31.”
At the behest of his co-workers, Allan will shave off his beard in the lobby of the Civc Centre shortly before noon on New Year’s Eve next Tuesday. “Anyone who wants top come down and watch, they’re welcome,” he said.
“I’d think of it being like a car crash—you just can’t look away,” added Allan. “It’ll be quite the unveiling.”
Allan—who’s had his full growth of facial hair for what he said seems like “forever,” is shaving to get a “fair start” with the rest of the currently beardless competition.
For more information on the beard-growing contest or the centennial celebration, or if you’d like to get involved with planning an event, call Simpson at 274-7891.