Bear sightings ‘normal’ so far


The number of bear sightings in Fort Frances is in the “normal range” as summer kicks into high gear.
There have been 20 reported sightings since the first one back on April 30, town bylaw enforcement/animal control officer Arlene Byrnes reported this week.
This figure is “somewhere in the normal range,” she noted, noting the town now has two live traps set out.
Byrnes said the “big draw” into town for bears is garbage, recommending that people help minimize this by putting out their garbage on the morning of collection along with the Blue Box.
“The fruit trees haven’t matured yet so we’re not quite yet in that area yet,” she added.
But when the fruit trees in town do start to ripen, Byrnes advised that residents rake up the fruit from the ground as soon as possible to avoid attracting bears.
If residents do see a bear, they should call the Ministry of Natural Resource’s “Bear Wise” hotline at 1-866-514-2327.
In a life-threatening emergency, call the OPP.