‘Bear chairs’ thank-you gift


How do you thank someone who saved your life?
For Bill Whiting of Barwick, he offered a pair of unique, hand-crafted chairs.
“On May 12, I had a heart attack at home,” Whiting recalled, noting two paramedics from Emo responded to his call.
“On the ride into Fort Frances, I passed away. I died,” he added.
Fortunately, one of the paramedics was able to “bring him back,” and got him to La Verendrye Hospital in time for treatment.
“When we asked what was an appropriate thank-you, they said a card,” Whiting said.
But he didn’t think a simple card was fitting enough for what the paramedics did for him.
“We were really scratching our heads and I thought they would like the chairs because they sit outside quite a bit,” Whiting explained.
They are chairs that he makes—and sometimes sells—as a hobby.
“They are in the form of a black bear,” Whiting noted, adding he’s only sold a few because they take quite a while to make.
He said the local paramedics seemed to be pretty appreciative when he took them to the ambulance garage.
Whiting also noted he’s now doing great.
“I just figured a card isn’t enough,” he reasoned.
“I really appreciated what they did for me.”