Beaches safe for swimming


Swimming at the Point is a go for Canada Day.

According to test results released by the Northwestern Health Unit, both the Point and swimming dock along Colonization Road East were deemed safe for swimming in time for the Canada Day long weekend.

Water samples at both locations were taken on June 11. It takes three days for the sample results to be sent to the health unit.

It’s also safe to swim in the river at Hannam Park in the Town of Rainy River.

The NWHU regularly tests beaches during swimming season for levels of E.coli bacteria present in the waters.

Levels of E.coli higher than those set out in the guidelines are unsafe and will lead to the beach being closed until levels drop below acceptable limits.

High levels of E.coli can cause ear, nose, eye and throat irritation, as well as stomach cramps, diarrhea and nausea.