Bass stamp being unveiled Friday

The local Canada Post office once again is issuing a stamp to commemorate the annual Fort Frances Canadian Bass Championship.
The stamp, which features the FFCBC logo, will be available at the post office starting Friday.
“We had talked to someone in Sioux Lookout who had made a stamp for the ‘Blueberry Festival’ so we thought, ‘Why not make one for the bass championship?’” said Lydia Barras, superintendent at the post office here.
Brande Bliss of the post office said the stamps were produced using the new “picture postage” service offered by Canada Post.
The program allows for any customer to create their own 48-cent stamp. There are five borders to chose from and any picture can be used on the face of the stamp.
Canada Post will accept any photograph up to a 5”x7” in size for the face of the stamp.
The post office has ordered more than 3,000 FFCBC stamps and expects them to be a very hot commodity over the weekend.
“A lot of people last year requested sheets,” said Barras. “So this year we just left them in sheets of 25.”
The stamps cost $1 each, including all taxes, and will be available in sheets of 25 or individually. They have a postage value of 48 cents—but of course, the design gives them a sentimental value, too.
In addition to the issuing the bass stamps, this Friday will mark Customer Appreciation Day at the post office. To celebrate, free cake and refreshments will be served up to all from 10 a.m.-4 p.m.
Barras added certain coins and stamps also will be specially-priced for the occasion, although she was not sure just which ones would be on sale.