‘Bass Bucks’ Champions edition unveiled

Ian Scott, graphic designer at the Fort Frances Times, and FFCBC director of Special Projects, Bud Edwards, just completed designing the 2006 Champions Edition of the popular tournament currency.
“We wanted to make significant changes this year and decided to honour the 2005 winners, Dave and Lee Lindsay, by featuring them on the face of the new bills,” Edwards said.
Several months ago, Scott took the ideas and created six initial designs which not only included the original concepts but also additional features that came to his mind during the process.
“Bud gave me a real tough challenge trying to make all of his and my ideas fit,” Scott noted. “He had more suggestions than I had room, so we had to do a lot of deleting and modifying on the face of the new bills.”
“Fortunately, we have developed a really good working relationship over the years that utilize our individual strengths,” Scott added. “We gradually made progress moving some of the text to the back, edited or deleted phrases, and eventually reached agreement on the final design in the middle of May.”
“We make a good team because we think very differently,” said Edwards. “Ian took my scratchy drawings, written notes, cut and paste mock-ups, our conversations in his office, and eventually turned them into an eye-catching final product.
“Ian has tremendous talent and computer skills which I readily defer to when we hit a road block, which happened a number of times over three months.”
Featuring the previous champions will become a long-running tradition, Edwards hopes. This makes “Bass Bucks” very special and something people will want to collect.
“We are sure the Lindsays will take some home as souvenirs,” he remarked.
The 2006 Champions Edition of “Bass Bucks” go on sale the first day of tournament week (Sunday, July 23) on site at the ticket booth opposite the food court.
As in previous years, a very limited supply of uncut, unnumbered, mint condition sheets of “Bass Bucks” are available by special order.
These sheets are perfect for framing or may be obtained laminated at a small additional cost to protect them from damage, as well as allow them to be used as placemats.
“Bass Bucks” originally were created as part of the volunteer recognition package.
Four years ago, with the introduction of the food court, “Bass Bucks” became the official on-site tournament currency used to track the value of the many activities and facilitate planning for future years.
“Bass Bucks” can be purchased or redeemed on site at the ticket booth.
The 2006 Champions Edition include the same Cinderella clause as in previous years. “Bass Bucks,” other than those issued as part of volunteer recognition, are redeemable for cash until 2 a.m. on Sunday, July 30.