Barclay wins NDP nod again

The new Kenora NDP federal riding association held its inaugural nomination meeting last weekend, with Rev. Susan Barclay taking the nomination for the second time.
“I am proud to represent the New Democratic Party in this riding,” Barclay said. “We have an exciting and dynamic new leader and we are the national alternative, ready to ensure open and honest government in this country.”
While Barclay was the only candidate seeking the nomination in the weeks prior to the meeting, party rules did allow for nominations from the floor.
But the nomination remained uncontested and Barclay was acclaimed to represent the party in the next federal election, still widely expected to be called for sometime this spring.
Winnipeg-Transcona MP Bill Blaikie, the NDP’s house leader, was guest speaker at the nomination meeting.
Despite the fact Prime Minister Paul Martin has yet to call an election, Barclay said her next step is to increase her campaigning efforts.
“We’re geared up for an election this spring. I don’t see any indication that it won’t happen this spring, so we’re in campaigning mode right now,” she remarked.
“I [will] continue being out and about and meeting people across the riding,” she pledged.
Barclay said the NDP is gaining momentum nationally and expects to garner even greater support than she did in the 2000 election, when she captured 22 percent of the vote running in the old Kenora-Rainy River riding.
“I think it’s looking increasingly better,” she said. “The national numbers we’re seeing in the polls are more than double—in some cases close to triple—than what we were seeing in 2000.
“That’s an indication of the shift in support,” Barclay noted. “In ridings like this one in Kenora, we’re going to do extremely well.”
Also at Saturday’s meeting, the new NDP riding association elected its first executive.
Kenora Coun. Colin Wasacase was elected president and Ruth Bergman, a former federal candidate herself, was elected vice-president.