Band set to play at Little Beaver

Press Release

The Joey Only Outlaw Band will be playing at the Little Beaver Cultural Centre here this Sunday (Dec. 5).
Doors open at 6:30 p.m., with the show starting at 7:30.
Tickets cost $15 for adults and $10 for kids aged 12 and up, with those under 12 free.
Joey Only is the north’s answer to Woody Guthrie, Johnny Cash, and Utah Philips.
From a humble and pain-filled country upbringing, he went to the streets of despair into fanatical anti-poverty protests and finally to the stage, where he excelled as a folk/rockabilly/country-punk songwriter-showman playing 1,000 shows in Canada by the age of 31.
He built his reputation the hard way—by travelling the expanses of Canada and playing in every small town bar that would have him.
His fifth album, “Transgression Trail” (2010), was in Earshots Folk/Roots/Blues top 10 radio play charts for six weeks, reaching as high as #2 across Canada for consecutive weeks.
He went on another tour to promote the record, playing more than 75 shows across Canada with reputable acts such as Buffy St. Marie and Fred Eaglesmith (who eventually hired his bass player, forcing a shake-up in the Outlaw Band).
His song, “Greyhoundin’ Guitar Man,” was nominated for a CBC Radio 3 Bucky Award under the category of “Most Canadian Song,” sharing the billet with renowned artists such as Gord Downie.
With his hard-hitting Joey Only Outlaw Band behind him, there is nothing phony about Joey Only.
He speaks truth to power and writes explosive songs that capture the mood of working people in a way only Stompin’ Tom has done in Canada.
After buying a mountain lodge in Wells, B.C., he figures it’s a matter of time before he simply vanishes from the world of vanity and music to return to where he belongs . . . the wild.