Back to school


School is a polarizing topic for those who responded to last week’s readers’ poll at We asked readers what their favourite part of school was when they were kids. While the majority of respondents, at 39 per cent, said friends were the best part of their school experience, and 21 per cent named class, sports and recess were tied at 16 per cent each.

However, not everyone sees their school days through a rosy lens. Our write-in readers gave a much different view. For two of them, leaving the building at the end of each day was the best part of school. One took it a step further – leaving forever, on graduation day was the highlight. One didn’t mince words at all. So, what did they like?

“Nothing. I hated school.”


Yesterday, school got back in session from summer vacation. Another year of school plays, sports teams, friends, exams, learning and a new co-hort of graduates heading out into the world. Here’s hoping the kids can find something at least a little bit enjoyable to look back on.

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Have a great school year everyone!