Auxiliary considers fundraising options

By Lenore Cates

Ten Executive members attended a virtual meeting of the Laverendrye General Hospital Auxiliary on April 12, 2021.

The meeting was called to order at 1:00 pm.

The Agenda, Minutes of Previous Meeting and Treasurer’s Report were accepted as distributed.

A Thank You letter was received from Angeline Redford in gratitude for the bursary she received for 2019-2020.

A letter was also received from Arrow Games regarding a price increase for lottery tickets.

A discussion was held to regarding whether a Ways and Means Chair should be re-established or a special meeting should be held in September to set up events for the fall season. Also to set up Chairs for each event and to establish financial goals. It will be researched and a report will be submitted at the next meeting.

All executive positions for 2021/2022 have been filled except for the Vice President. Anyone interested in volunteering for this position kindly contact Judy Webster at 274-3190.

There are five new members and a loss of three.

Baby kits are still being checked and made up every two weeks.

Three Sympathy cards were sent.

A decision regarding the Lobby Lottery has been deferred until a report of increased costs and pre-covid and post covid income and delivery systems can be reviewed.

There were 70 volunteers for The Gift Shop in March with a revenue of $900. The shop is now closed due to Covid restrictions. A possible change of hours of operation will be revisited once the Shop reopens. The possibility of online sales, e-transfers and home deliveries of items purchased will be further discussed at the next meeting.

The possibility of assembling a moderated Newsletter are under discussion and, will be reported on in the near future.

A Staff Appreciation Coffee Break was held on March 23. Individual packages were made up and distributed to the staff. The Door Prize was unclaimed and arrangements have been made to hold a draw for the prize. Winner to be announced at a later date.

Holly Angus Auxiliary representative was welcomed to the Foundation Board. The Auxiliary was complimented on “All they are doing through these difficult times.”