Audit of mayor, council expenses proposed

A proposal to have a forensic audit done on the expenses of mayor and council was recommended at a regular meeting of the town’s Administration and Finance executive committee yesterday.
“It was brought up by one of the councillors on the A&F committee, probably in response to a lot of questions we’ve been getting from the public regarding some expenses by the council—credit card use and so forth,” said Coun. Todd Hamilton, who sits on the committee with Coun. Roy Avis (chairman) and Coun. Tannis Drysdale.
“And as an executive committee, we’re responsible for that.
“We felt it was incumbent upon us have an outside source take a look at it and make sure that we’re doing things properly,” he added.
The recommendation likely will be on the agenda for Monday night’s regular council meeting, Coun. Hamilton noted.
“It’s still up to council whether they want to proceed with it. Everything follows from there.”