Artistic flair greets grandparents

Grade 1 and 2 students at Mine Centre School kept their grandparents enthralled with jokes, songs, poems, and even a puppet show there last Thursday.
“We thought it was great. A great example of what they’re learning, and it helps them gain confidence in front of an audience,” said Connie Murphy, who travelled from Thunder Bay with her husband, Gene, to watch grandson Daniel Dennis recite “Seeds”—the first poem of the morning.
“It also teaches them social skills,” said Daniel’s other grandmother, Dorie Dennis, who added she and husband Harold Dennis also were pleased with the show.
Dozens of grandparents were on hand for the morning that was dedicated them. The day began with an opening prayer in Ojibway, followed by a tobacco presentation to the grandparents by the children.
“[Teacher] Marge Hale developed the idea over four years, culminating in a luncheon for the grandparents,” Mine Centre School principal Brenda Ferris-Hyatt said.
“It’s nice to make connections [as a principal] with the grandparents.”
There were songs about Grandpa’s whiskers, a variation on the alphabet song, a poem about hockey, knock-knock jokes, and a puppet show to the tune of “The Lion Sleeps Tonight.”
The grand finale included three dances—the Mexican Hat Dance, the Chicken Dance, and the ever-popular “Hokey Pokey.”
“They had already learned the poems for the drama festival last month,” Hale noted when asked about the hard work the students had put in.
Other activities were rehearsed during social studies.
Mine Centre School students also held a Mother’s Day luncheon the following day.