Art students show off creations

A black crow soaring in a turbulent sky, a prancing unicorn playing with its shadow, and a lighthouse surrounded by crashing waves. These are just some of the images on display at the Fort Frances Public Library this month.
The library didn’t blow its budget on the new artwork. Instead, it is highlighting the talents of two Fort High students—Tara DeAmicis, 17, and Amanda Bone, 15—who have been taking lessons from local artist Cher Hogan since June.
The work displayed at the library, which includes everything from pencil sketches to acrylic paintings, represents what they’ve spent the last six months creating.
“They’re really proud that their stuff is being viewed by the public,” Hogan said.
While DeAmicis has shown a few of her creations in the past, neither student has had their work on display like they have at the library right now.
Hogan said each artist is particularly fond of one of their pieces.
“Tara likes [the flying crow] one she did because she likes the darkness it portrayed,” she noted. “Amanda is thrilled [by the faces of tigers] because she never knew she could paint cats.”
Hogan herself is a renowned artist. Her works are on the cover of magazines and books, as well as original paintings housed in a number of museums, including Ottawa’s aviation museum and the Gorman museum in Wisconsin.
Since she taught herself how to paint, Hogan said she is impressed with her students’ ability to learn and improve so rapidly. “It’s great to be able to teach talented students and watch them develop,” she said.
“I’ve been thrilled watching what they’ve done from one week to the next. If you give them a bit of encouragement, you’re never sure what they’ll do,” she added.
Hogan said it is particularly striking for her since she only started painting seriously a decade ago.
“I’m getting excited. These girls are young. Ten to 15 years from now, they’ll be putting out incredible pieces,” she enthused.