Arena to get new fire alarm panel


After a spate of recent problems, the Memorial Sports Centre will be getting a new fire alarm panel.
In a report, Community Services manager Jason Kabel noted the one that currently monitors the facility has been acting up.
“It has frequently been going into ‘trouble’ mode with various monitoring devices throughout the building,” he wrote in a report received by town council at its regular meeting Monday night.
Kabel added the current panel was installed 18 years ago and due to its age, qualified personnel from Thunder Bay have to be called in to correct it from “trouble” mode to a “normal” state.
The Fort Frances Fire Department invoked a mandatory fire watch of the facility back on July 13 due to the alarm panel being in a “trouble” state.
This requires an inspection of every part of the building every hour and documentation thereof, noted Kabel.
On July 19, the panel was returned to a “normal” state by Troy Life & Fire Safety from Thunder Bay. This was the second such service call of the year and cost about $2,500.
Then on July 30, after a service call the previous week, “the panel erratically sounded the alarm in the entire facility that enacts the fire emergency plan, elicits evacuation of the building, and dispatching of the fire department,” noted Kabel.
He added no apparent reason was discovered for the sounding of the alarm.
“Unfortunately, the fire alarm panel seems to have come to the end of life and is in need of replacement,” Kabel said.
Council agreed to the recommendation of the Community Services executive committee to replace the fire alarm panel as an unbudgeted capital item for the lowest available quotation price.
Quotes currently are being sought.
Also at Monday night’s meeting, council:
•approved the Sunset Country Travel Association’s annual per capita marketing contribution request in the amount of $2,187.63 plus HST;
•referred a financial partnership opportunity with the Royal Canadian Legion Br. #29 to the Administration and Finance executive committee for its recommendation (this opportunity involves distributing drug safety resources to educate and protect young people in Fort Frances and Mine Centre);
•approved an updated version of the town’s emergency procedures during a thunder/lightning storm (the primary change is changing the wait time after a storm from 15 minutes to 30 minutes, which would not cause any significant impact to operations while reducing any risk faced by town workers as it relates to lightning); and
•approved a recommendation to declare certain town assets as surplus to organizational needs, and further that the procedure be followed to dispose of these surplus materials, equipment, and vehicles.