Arena boiler causes close call

The Fort Frances Fire Department responded to a call at the Memorial Sports Centre at 4:50 a.m. on Friday after a boiler there malfunctioned and overheated.
“At this time, a Union Gas representative and electrical and plumbing contractors are looking at what actually caused the problem,” Fire Chief Steve Richardson said later Friday morning.
“So I really can’t comment at this time as to what happened.
“There was no actual fire,” he stressed. “The boiler had heated up to the point where it set off the heat detectors and we responded to that.
“The boiler could cost about $15,000 if it has to be replaced,” he added.
Chief Richardson said the malfunction, which occurred in the boiler room at the ’52 Canadians Arena, caused no damage other than to the boiler.
Meanwhile, firefighters have been keeping busy this past week, including responding to a call at the kraft mill late Wednesday afternoon.
Chief Richardson said the fire department responded to a flash fire in some duct work around 5:30 p.m. at the north end of the building at Mowat Avenue.
“The fire was contained to the duct work and quickly put out,” he noted.
And on Sunday, firefighters were at Northwoods Gallery and Gifts on Scott Street around noon—about 10 minutes after the scheduled power outage ended.
“When the power came back on, there was a little ‘blip’ with the furnace. It was a minor malfunction, but it filled the place with smoke,” Chief Richardson said.
“It was a good thing we were planning to be open that day,” said Northwoods owner Connie Cuthbertson. “We were able to shut the furnace off, and they cleared the smoke out of here quickly.
“There was no real smoke damage.”
The store opened shortly after 1 p.m.