Area hospitals spared ‘Y2K’ bug

As La Verendrye hospital employees waited for the stroke of midnight on Dec. 31, Riverside CEO Wayne Woods was crossing his fingers that nothing would go wrong because of the “Y2K” bug.
And as the clock struck 12 a.m., he let out a sigh of relief–nothing happened.
“It went across without a hitch. And I really have to say that it’s because of the staff working so hard to prepare for every eventuality,” he noted yesterday.
Besides testing medical equipment, office computers, and hospital utilities, and replacing or fixing the hardware accordingly, staff, including Woods, were on duty Dec. 31–just in case.
“There was a pile of us here, waiting to see what to do in case anything did happen. But then nothing did,” he remarked.
“The staff had been following the world coverage all day so by the time midnight came here, they figured nothing would go wrong,” he added. “It was good to see all those preparations worked everywhere.”
Neither of the health centres in Emo or Rainy River experienced problems.
“I was working in Rainy on New Year’s Eve and everything went fine,” said Norma Elliott, director of services at the Emo Health Centre.
Both hospitals also had extra staff on duty just in case.