Are you seeing clearly?

Press Release

Nothing is quite as important to a child starting school as the ability to see clearly. Those young minds are like sponges, soaking up information at a prodigious rate. But if they have to struggle to see the books, boards, and displays around them, their early education as well as their lifetime vision health could be seriously impaired.

The Lions Club International website states, “Eighty percent of all visual impairment can be prevented or cured. The first step to prevention is awareness. The second is early detection through vision screening. Around the world, Lions partner with medical professionals and community leaders to screen young children, primary school students, and adults to identify those at risk for vision loss. ….Early identification leads to timely referral, professional treatment, and improved or restored sight.”

In the Rainy River District local Lions Clubs have been offering Vision Screening to all Kindergarten through Grade 1 students enrolled in our school systems. The Lions eye scanning machine, a Spot Vision Screener, in seconds can provide an assessment of your child’s vision including diagnosis of near sightedness, far sightedness, blurred vision, unequal refractive power, eye misalignment, and unequal pupil size.

Local Lions Clubs train volunteer members to operate the Spot Vision Screener and how to administer this programme.

“It is painless and simple. Takes all of a few seconds and is completely free and anonymous,” states Jodi Caul of Emo who has been carrying out testing at District schools

“On completion of the screening, a report is sent home with the child detailing the results, to be taken to the referred optometrist. Even if a child already has eyeglasses, a test is run with the child wearing their corrective lens to insure the prescription is still correct,” added Caul.

Any further vision correction costs associated with a diagnosis are completely covered by the Lions Club. This year The Lion Pride has completed Vision Screening on about 80 District children with about 250 more to go.

Caul is past president of the Emo Lions Club.

Vision Screening for our children is just one of the valuable services provided by Lions Clubs to our communities. They welcome your support. Seriously consider joining your Lions Club today. Our children’s vision is worth it.