Are you ready for the ‘Plunge?’

Press Release

Calling all jumpers! Are you ready for the “Polar Plunge?”
The Voyageur Lions are reminding jumpers to get their pledges counted and their costumes ready.
This year there is a challenge between the Emo and District Lions and the Voyageur Lions.
Emo has two jumpers (Kent Ogden and Dennis Ogilvie) against three veteran jumpers from the Voyageurs (Dale Gill, Bill Michl, and Jim Martindale).
Let’s see who makes the biggest splash! Dinner is on the line!
The “plunge” always has been an international event, so this year we are hoping for someone to make it from either International Falls or farther away.
So far, we are not aware of any foreign visitors brave enough to take the “plunge.”
If you have a guest staying with you who wants a unique Canadian winter experience, get them out to Sand Bay on New Year’s Day.
Groups that are participating are trying to be the one to take home the bonus prize for raising the most money ($300).
There will be a prize for the best costumed group, as well as individual prizes.
Groups jumping include the Muskie Sports Association, the Muskie girls’ hockey team, the local ‘AA’ Atom hockey team (jumping for Kidsport), Dancemakers, the Sunset Country Squash Club, the St. Mary’s Youth Group, the FFHS art group and the FFHS band (apologies to any that have been omitted!)
Last-minute jumpers are welcome, but must have a minimum of $50 in pledges.
“Plungers” are reminded to be at La Place Rendez-Vous by 11 a.m. on Saturday in order to register and have your pledges counted. Any cheques should be made out to the Voyageur Lions.
Final instruction for jumpers will be given at 12:45 p.m., with the event getting underway at 1 p.m.
Of course, the day is not complete without the spectators cheering the jumpers. For those who cannot face the outside elements, the audio of the event will be transmitted into La Place Rendez-Vous thanks to The Sound Man (Brian Harris).
The Voyageur Lions will be there with treats. Don’t miss this fun day—a surefire hangover cure!
Everything is set for the big splash this Saturday. Come on out and help make this one of the best jumps ever!