Archer named as NDP candidate here

Press Release

At three meetings held in Kenora, Dryden, and Fort Frances, Ontario New Democrats in Kenora-Rainy River named long-time Kenora resident, workers’ rights advocate, and corrections officer Glen Archer to represent the riding in the provincial election set for June 7.
“I’m so proud to be running on Andrea Horwath’s team,” said Archer.
“The NDP platform, ‘Change for the Better,’ means dental care, universal drug coverage for everyone, a plan to fix our health-care system and address hospital overcrowding and wait times will bring meaningful change to our communities,” he noted.
Archer, no stranger to public service, has spent almost two decades living in Kenora working as a corrections officer at the corrections facility there.
During that time, he actively was involved in his union, representing OPSEU workers at the facility and advocating for better employment standards while at work.
Archer understands first-hand what the effects of privatization are on families and communities.
He made the decision to move to Kenora after the Conservative government’s privatization cuts forced the Guelph correctional facility, where he was working, to close in the early 2000s.
“Too much money has been wasted on privatizing services over the last 15 years, and I know that Ontario New Democrats under Andrea’s leadership will reverse that damage and make sure the unique needs of Northwestern Ontario are being met,” Archer pledged.
“I know that people are tired of the long wait times at hospitals and long-term care facilities,” he remarked. “We’re tired of sky-high hydro bills.
“Our communities are tired of driving on dangerous highways.”
Archer lives in Kenora with his wife and their son.
“I have no doubt that Andrea and the NDP will fix the crisis in our hospitals, bring down skyrocketing hydro rates, and put an end to the systemic barriers First Nation and Métis people in our communities continue to face every day,” Archer said.
“Andrea will bring change for the better to the northwest,” he vowed.