Apprentice forum set

Press Release

A Rainy River District apprenticeship forum will be held next Thursday (May 21) from 4-9 p.m. at the Royal Canadian Legion Br. #145 in Atikokan.
Supper will be provided.
We know highly-skilled workers (“baby-boomers”) will retire in great numbers.
As such, employers are challenged to recruit (and compete) in a competitive but shrinking worker pool.
The Apprenticeship Forum invites employers and community partners to share their apprenticeship experience–what’s working and what needs to improve.
The forum is an opportunity to change the “problems with apprenticeship” conversation to a “solutions for apprenticeship” one.
With your input, we will develop tools to promote better understanding of apprenticeship and strategies to help employers benefit from hiring and training apprentices.
It is open to anyone who is interested in and/or associated with apprenticeship initiatives, including employers, education and training organizations (i.e., high schools, colleges, and others), OYAP co-ordinators, and Co-op leads.
Employment service providers, Chambers of Commerce, industry associations, government and ministry representatives, municipal leaders, trade unions, and other community stakeholders also are urged to attend.
To register for this free session, visit