Applications invited for Riverside advisory council

Press Release

At Riverside Health Care, we value the opinions and suggestions of our patients, their family members, and caregivers.
Have you or a loved one received care at any of our Riverside Health Care facilities in the past two years?
Could something have been done differently to improve your experience or the experience of your loved one?
If so, we invite you to apply to our Patient and Family Advisory Council.
The voices of our patients, families, and caregivers are essential to transforming and improving the patient and family experience.
Integrating the public’s view, perspective, and experience into service and quality improvements across the organization will help to ensure the delivery of a high-quality health care experience.
What does a Patient & Family Advisor do?
•Promote patient advocacy;
•Advise on policy, practices, and application of patient and family centered principles;
•Review patient satisfaction results and participate in accreditation and quality improvement plan;
•Encourage and promote patient understanding; and
•Attend regular council meetings (about nine per year).
To learn more about our Patient and Family Advisory Council or to apply to become a volunteer member, contact the Quality, Safety, Risk and Privacy Co-ordinator at 274-4847 or e-mail
You also can find more information by accessing the Patient and Family Advisory Council information section on our webpage at