Anxiety support group forming


A local support group for anyone dealing with an anxiety disorder is starting up this week.
The support group will begin meeting Thursdays at 7 p.m. at Zion Lutheran Church (1105 Scott Street), starting this November 4.
“I’m just trying to make a group for people to come share, feel comfortable,” explained the local resident who is organizing the support group, but wished to remain anonymous.
“They don’t have to say who they are, they don’t have to say anything if they’re not ready too—it doesn’t matter who they are, their status in life they’re background or anything,” she added.
“It’s basically so people can come out and find their own way basically of coping with what they have, [and have] the support of other people.”
The group is for anyone with an anxiety disorder that has disrupted their lives—whether or not it has been diagnosed.
The weekly meetings are confidential and anonymous, and will include talk and discussion where people can speak about how their week has gone, talk about themselves, followed by more discussion on how those attending are coping with their disorder and finding relief.
There will also possibly be fun activities to help relieve stress.
“I’m sure there’s a lot of different ways that people cope, and I’d like to hear them,” said the group’s organizer, noting that for herself she’s found that even the process of putting together the group has been a step in having her own anxiety disorder losing power over her.
“I’m pretty sure other people would feel the same sort of way—just on talking about it and not being ashamed of it. Just even admitting to themselves that they may have [a disorder],” she said.