Annual ‘Red Shield’ appeal underway

Press Release

Fort Frances council proclaimed May to be “The Salvation Army Red Shield Month,” and the official campaign for 2010 got underway Monday.
The fundraising goal this year is $15,000.
In the past, the Salvation Army’s Fort Frances ministries and Rainy River District has been able to raise between $12,000 and $18,000, so we are hoping the local community can help us to meet the local target.
Our goal was $18,000 last year, but we only raised $8,000 through the mail campaign and $4,000 going door-to-door.
Next Monday (May 10), the “Blitz Night” will see volunteers and Salvation Army staff canvassing homes throughout Fort Frances, with door-to-door canvassing in some areas continuing through to the end of May.
Following the “Blitz Night,” a “Red Shield” appeal letter will arrive at homes and businesses throughout the entire district.
Capts. Angel and Marlene Sandoval are urging everyone contacted to continue their great support of the local Salvation Army in order to further the work of assisting the needy in our community.
Residents who would like to help with canvassing on May 10 are asked to contact the Salvation Army at 316 Victoria Ave. or by calling 274-3871.
“Yes, we want the public support once again,” said Capt. Angel Sandoval.
“If you want to canvass the block where you live, it is a good opportunity to exercise and meet those friends that have been waiting for you to knock on the door and show the support that our ministry is doing in our community through you.”
He added the “Red Shield” campaign helps them to raise funds for national programs, but some of those services are required here, too.
He noted that just in the first three months in 2010, the local Salvation Army has assisted 156 families, including 214 adults and 105 children, with such things as food, clothing, furniture, and medications.
There also are programs that heal the body and the soul, like a healthy breakfast for responsible parents and personal hygiene products for children—about $12,300 worth of support when put in monetary terms.
Why not to consider helping the Salvation Army in this unique way? You are helping to build a strong and compassionate community and district, which benefits all of us.
May God bless one and all during this special springtime!