Annual ‘First Rider’ program set for Thursday


Parents of children starting school this fall have until the end of the day today (Aug. 17) to register them for the annual “First Rider” program.
Two sessions will be held at Robert Moore School this Thursday (Aug. 20) at 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. to help the youngsters not only get acquainted with riding a school bus and having any of their fears assuaged, but to learn about safety, as well.
“On the first day of school, the young students are already apprehensive, so [the program] certainly does help to make them feel more secure,” said Donna Lee, who is with the Rainy River District School Board’s transportation department.
Lee noted about 40 children were registered as of press time today to participate in the program, which has run for several years now.
The sessions, which will run about 40 minutes in length, include a video that teaches bus safety procedures and will allow children to ask any questions they might have.
They will also have the chance to take a brief ride on the school bus.
“Parents are able to ride with their children [on the bus] if they want and it just gives them idea of what it’s going to be like,” explained Lee, adding they will be shown all the schools in the community during the ride.
Call 274-9855 to register for either of the sessions.
The “First Rider” program is organized by the Rainy River District School Board, Northwest Catholic District School Board, and Bus Operators Safety Committee.