Hello, my name is Andrew Hartnell and I am running for Rainy River town council in the upcoming municipal election.
I was born and raised in Rainy River, and the reason I am running for town council is that I believe the town has great potential and is headed in the right direction.
I believe the town needs to focus on more economic development and other incentives to attract more families and businesses to the area. The current council has done good work thus far but more work still needs to be done.
Growing up in the town, I have seen its ups and downs but I know this town has the potential to be something great. We are in a prime location in Northern Ontario with citizens who love their town.
Having worked for the town in the past, I know some of the struggles it faces. I have brought in different events and been on many committees in the past.
I want to help this town move forward to continue to be the great town I know it is and can be. I know I am one of the youngest candidates running in the upcoming election but I believe I have a lot to offer, and I want to be the voice for the young citizens and families because I think the council needs a voice for the younger generation.
I hope the great citizens of Rainy River will put their trust in me by voting for me on Oct. 22.