Alzheimer’s book sale set to go


Book worms looking to restock their supply for the year should be aware the local branch of the Alzheimer Society of Canada will hold its sixth-annual book sale starting tomorrow at Revco Carpet here.
The popular sale will take place during store hours (8 a.m.-5:30 p.m.) tomorrow and Friday, and again on Saturday, Feb. 13 from 8 a.m.-1 p.m.
The public can drop by the store, fill a bag with books, and then make a donation to the Alzheimer Society.
Margaret Schonewille, executive director of the Alzheimer Society of Kenora-Rainy River, said plenty of books have come in so far.
“They’re swimming in books,” she noted Monday. “They have a lot.”
Those wanting to donate books have been able to do so since Feb. 1, and can continue to do so until the end of tomorrow.
Just remember that Schonewille is looking for excellent-quality books. A good rule of thumb regarding suitable quality is if you wouldn’t want a book in your own collection, someone else probably won’t, either.
Schonewille also won’t accept encyclopedias, textbooks, Reader’s Digest condensed books, and magazines as they tend not to sell, and then she’s left with having to haul them away afterwards.
Schonewille noted the used book sale has become an annual tradition here that many readers look forward to.
“It’s real popular,” she enthused. “You can tell that people are already hearing about it from the amount of books being brought over [to Revco].
“It’s a good way to try out a new author,” Schonewille suggested.
“If you’re not sure how someone writes, you don’t want to spend $12 to find out,” she reasoned.
Last year’s book sale here raised $1,996.23 for the Alzheimer Society—the best one ever in any community in the Kenora and Rainy River districts.
Like all the other fundraising events for the local Alzheimer Society, proceeds from the book sale will go towards further promotion of Alzheimer awareness and education in both districts—not to a provincial or national organization.