Advance poll turnout ‘tremendous’

Duane Hicks

Advance polls in Thunder Bay-Rainy River riding saw a strong turnout over Thanksgiving weekend.
Overall, the riding saw a total of 7,017 votes cast over the four days.
This included 5,001 votes during the first three days, and an additional 2,016 on Thanksgiving Day.
The total voter turnout for the advance poll in this riding in the last election in 2011 was 4,847 over three days.
“We had very busy advance polls,” noted Thunder Bay-Rainy River riding returning officer Tom McCuaig.
“The turnout was tremendous.
“Naturally, we had some lineups at the polls, on Friday especially,” McCuaig added, noting extra Elections Canada personnel were called in to alleviate some of the traffic.
There were waits of 45 minutes to an hour at times, said McCuaig, adding Elections Canada staff had to deliver extra ballots to some polls because they were running out.
“I think in general, other than some lineups, the issues were minimal, nothing we couldn’t deal with,” he remarked.
“Overall, I think it went very well when you consider the number of electors that went to the polls.”
In total, Thunder Bay-Rainy River riding saw electors cast 2,279 votes on Friday, 1,626 on Saturday, 1,096 on Sunday, and 2,016 on Monday.
The three polls located in Rainy River District saw a total of 1,163 people vote.
One poll at the Copper River Inn saw a total of 286 votes over the four days while the second poll there saw 684 votes.
The advance poll at the Rainy River Rec Centre saw a total of 193 votes.
Friday and Monday were the busiest days.
There are 62,207 eligible voters in the riding for this election, meaning the 7,017 votes cast in the advance poll represent 11.28 percent of the electorate.
Thunder Bay-Superior North, which has 63,192 electors, saw about 9,000 voters come out for the advance poll.
Election day is this Monday (Oct. 19), when polls will be open from 8:30 a.m.-8:30 p.m. (CDT).
Check your voter information card for the location of the poll you should vote at.
There will be 37 polls in the west end of the riding (from Mine Centre to Rainy River), and each First Nation also will have a poll.