Activities committee to survey residents

Fort Frances residents will get a chance to give their input as to what they like to do for fun here when the town’s Community Activities Advisory Committee launches a survey this summer.
Mayor Dan Onichuk, who called for the formation of the committee shortly after being elected last November, said Monday that citizens will see the survey out in the next few weeks.
“We want to take a look at all the different community activities there are, whether it’s the bass tournament, Fun in the Sun, or ones we used to have, like the Winter Carnival, and ask whether we should continue with them,” he remarked.
“How do we keep things going? How do we improve what we’ve got? What sort of new things should we be doing? These are the questions we want to answer,” Mayor Onichuk added.
The mayor noted he’d also like to see if people want any new activities linked to other larger events (such as the FFCBC) or as stand-alone projects.
“I talked with Paul Bock [chair of the Fun in the Sun committee] the other day regarding Fun in the Sun. Now, it all takes place in one big day [July 1].
“It used to be bigger, now it’s dwindling away,” he remarked.
“There’s no reason we couldn’t have some kind of event every two weeks during the summer, spread it out,” the mayor continued.
“The bottom line is we want to get more people out and involved in these sorts of things. You get a greater sense of community that way.
“I don’t like hearing older people, and particularly younger people, saying they’re bored in Fort Frances.”
Mayor Onichuk said the survey will be mailed out to residents, as well as posted on the town’s web site ( and possibly in a newspaper ad, in the next month or so.