A busy season for Fort Frances Horticultural Society

This past Sunday, July 29, twenty members of the Horticultural Society had a special treat. First, was a visit to Don and Sharon’s Strom’s home in Blackhawk to view the beautiful gardens and landscaping. Sharon led the tour, answering many questions about the perennials she grew in her gardens.
Even veteran members of the society were impressed with the variety. Among them, just to name a few, were mauve and pink monardas, peppermint, sunny blue veronica, blue sea holly, cleome, variegated, sedum, bugleweed, Angel’s tears, Silver King wormwood, Basket of Gold, Angelica, German statice, etc.
The starting point of the tour was, as Sharon described it, a room in the garden; this was a space surrounded by flower beds to the right of the front entrance to the house. There was also a garden cottage with dried flowers and a small tea room. A play area for the children sported a Tired Horse swing seat.
Next, we went to the both Heritage Home north of Barwick. Steve and Joan both have restored this pioneer home with many artifacts of yesteryear including a cream separator, a big old cook stove, a sewing machine, tools, etc. Of special interest was the strawberry patterned wallpaper above the wainscotting in the kitchen.
And, of even more interest, was the homemade strawberry shortcake which Joan served to the guests. A young raccoon put on his own display, drinking milk from a baby bottle while Joan held him baby style. Steve even offered a ride in a Model T.
On Aug. 11, as a part of the Barwick event, there will be cream separating and threshing demonstrated here.
Community gardening has taken on special significance this year. In addition to the library plantings, the Society took on developing a perennial and shrub garden at the old CN Station. It is worth a drive by to see how this has developed.
Soon, after the Flower and Vegetable Show is over and time allows, there will be identification labels for the various plantings. And speaking of the yearly show, which is coming up on Wednesday, Aug. 8, at the Robert Moore School Auditorium.
Drop by anytime after 2 p.m. to see the display of flowers and vegetables, and a cup of tea.