5 essential tips for working from home

(NC) With remote work on the rise, it comes with unexpected challenges. Stop them from standing between you and your best work-self by following these simple tips:

1. Keep to a schedule. Try to keep your work day routine to the schedule it’s used to. The less your body realizes you’re home, the more comfortable and productive you’ll be.
2. Keep up the dress code. Don’t go all-out, but wear something you could get away with at the office. This will help you get down to work with a professional mindset.
3. Keep your strength up. Working from home can be surprisingly strength-sapping. Make sure you get up and walk around.
4. Keep the conversation going. Even if you’re an introvert, going into the office provides some much-needed social interaction. At home, you’re cut off from that support network. Make a point of having a daily phone call or Zoom meeting with a coworker.
5. Keep the tunes coming. At home, the silence can potentially be just as focus-breaking as a coworker wandering up to you to discuss the latest internet meme.