4-H club meets again

Alanna Gerula

The fourth meeting of “A Sporting Chance” 4-H club was held at the Schrams.
Kim called the meeting to order, then we all recited the 4-H pledge.
The roll call was “What makes a game fun?”
After we all answered, Ben read the minutes, which Aynsley move to adopt as read and Kurt seconded the motion.
Kim then told us we would be judging Dominoes, after which we read why and how we judged them.
We got to play table games (Jenga, Dominoes, and Tri-Ominoes) and then had a snack.
Then the meeting part was adjourned at noon and achievement started.
For the achievement part, we went outside and ate some hotdogs. Then we put snowshoes on and went snowshoeing in the bush.
We then came back and enjoyed some hot chocolate and s’mores.
Then we played hide-and-seek in the yard before heading back to the bush to play Mantracker.
The achievement part was adjourned at 3 p.m.