30 youths busted for boozing

the OPP

The Greenstone detachment of the OPP responded to a noise complaint in Geraldton on Saturday night.
When police arrived at the residence, they observed numerous minors to be intoxicated and consuming alcohol.
No parents were present at this residence.
As a result, the OPP is charging 30 youths with consuming alcohol under the age of 19.
A 2009 survey by the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (Ontario) advises that whereas only 16 percent of students in Toronto are likely to binge drink, the figure is twice that for students in the north (32 percent).
The same survey also reports drinking increases significantly with the grade of the student, and that 83 percent of students in Grade 12 had reported consuming alcohol in the past year.
Greenstone OPP would like to remind the public that alcohol consumption by youths is a serious matter, and all parents and citizens need to help educate youths on the dangers of drinking booze.