Hello, my name is Steven Maki and I am running for a seat on Town Council. I moved here in 1981 to become a police officer for the Town of Fort Frances. For over 22 years, I served the people of Fort Frances until I changed careers to work at the local GM dealership, where I have been since.

Over the years, I’ve been active in our community. I have had the opportunity to assist with coaching the Muskie football team, served as a Kiwanis member, NCDS board member and the Committee of Adjustment, to name a few.

I am running for council as I feel I am in a position where I have the time, ability and support to allow me to do so. I’ve seen, in recent years, a council that has proved to be ineffective. I’m hoping to help change that, using a practical, common sense, and team oriented approach.

We all have a wish list of things we would like to see in Fort Frances, from recruiting businesses to the area, road repair, infrastructure renewal, more opportunities for our youth and dealing with homelessness and substance abuse. There will be, among many other priorities, tasks and obstacles council must deal with. All of these issues can not be dealt with or resolved overnight. The new council must hit the ground running with a strong and well executed plan to tackle these issues and more. I believe a 5-year, staged plan is a must. Flying by the seat of our pants lacks foresight and is rarely effective. Making this plan available to our public will be important for trust and transparency, on the journey forward.

The status quo is simply not good enough any longer. if we want to see Fort Frances continue to grow and flourish, we must be open to new ways of doing things and working together to make Fort Frances a community of choice.

Vote Steven Maki