My name is Mandi Olson, and I am currently running for a council position within our community. I have lived and resided in Fort Frances my whole life and if chosen for council, will work diligently to make our community a home for generations to come. I am a mother of five (5), have a loving husband and spend much of my time on the land, hunting, fishing and camping.

If elected, I see things such as my age, family-life and gender as an asset to our community. I am driven, hard working, and educated. I envision our community evolving to support its citizens. This includes economic development, family-driven programs and services and/or re-aligning municipal services (roads, public transit, parks and recreation) to better fit the needs of our community and its members. I am a business owner and have a working knowledge of boards, councils, policies, and procedures as well as governance and leading best practices.


ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: Including a sustainability model that not only promotes employment but builds our community revenue.

SOCIAL SERVICES: Including creating action and wellness plans to address and respond to homelessness, mental health & addictions as well as creating opportunities for entertainment/recreation for children, youth, families and seniors

ENVIRONMENTAL: Including self sustainability and sovereignty (ex. utilization of existing recycling practices to develop tiny homes within the community or providing food sovereignty practices such as year round greenhouses.

PUBLIC WORKS & INFASTRUCTURE: Including community transportation, roads and housing

Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me 807-276-2366 or

Thank you

Mandi Olson