It’s 4 years into the future. You’re in line at Tim Horton’s during the morning rush when you see someone who attended your event a few months ago. You remember how nervous you were to do it, you weren’t even sure if people would show up, but they did. In fact you’re hosting another one in a couple weeks.

You roll down your window as they approach you, “I just wanted to say, not only was that night some of the most fun I’ve had in a while, but it’s sparked a change in me!”

It was only a cooking class for couples that you dreamt up one day in your own kitchen. Or, an fun online marketing workshop for local businesses to grow their global reach. It was a music festival, a trail run for charity, a drop-in gymnastics night for adults, a round of stand up comedy nights.

It was just an idea.

But when you acted on it, it made a difference in your community. The way you smile after you receive the compliment says that it made a difference in you, too.

As you drive to work you begin to notice all the ways people have brought their ideas to life. You see it in new buildings, bustling storefronts, less wait times in the emergency room, clusters of seasonal tourists, and safe and affordable housing. But you especially see it on your fridge calendar.

Living in Fort Frances is fun.

Hi, I’m Kaleb Firth and I’m running for Town Council. If I’m being honest, the thing I care most about is being a team player. It’s what I’ve always done and it’s one of the select few things I’m truly great at. I can’t wait to support your vision for the town.

Because it doesn’t matter who’s on Town Council, what matters is what your life looks like 4 years from now.