I am John McTaggart, and I am a candidate for council for the Town of Fort Frances.

While there are those with negative comments about our community, I believe that we have a lot to build on and the future can be bright. For the past several weeks I have been knocking on doors with a list of opportunities that I will work on during the next term of council.

The paper and kraft mills are all but gone and the gold mine to the west of town has indicted that they possibly have a decade left, so we need to act quickly and decisively.

As an example, there are in excess of 600 thousand cubic meters of unmarketable wood in the nearby forests each year. We need to find a use for that wood, right here in Fort Frances.

Number one priority is to work with the new inhouse Manager of Economic Sustainability to attract industry to Fort Frances. The jobs of industry will allow all other services to grow and prosper. Industrial taxes will help stabilize residential taxes. There are examples of area communities that have faltered when they lose their industrial base. We can’t be one of those communities!

I am excited to work with area communities and investors to shape a new look, Fort Frances and with a forward-thinking group of councillors, both new and returning. We won’t always agree but we all must work for what is in the absolute best long-term interest of Fort Frances.

I will work to enhance public safety, work to develop the Shevlin Woodyard District, contribute to the recreation master plan, work on the promotion of the Erin Crescent building lots, continue to promote expansion of the riverfront walking and bike paths, start a new welcome centre for all newcomers, and continue to work on our many infrastructure issues.

To help me achieve these goals for you I humbly ask for your support October 17th to 24th.