2022 construction season winding down

By Ken Kellar
Staff writer

As the summer of 2022 winds to a close, so too does construction season in Fort Frances.

At Monday night’s town council meeting, operations and facilities manager Travis Rob provided a verbal update on the state of several construction projects that are underway or wrapping up around town.

Beginning with the Memorial Sports Centre, Rob noted that the roof work that has been ongoing throughout the summer is nearly completed, while other projects throughout the building are still underway.

“All the roof work is now complete, other than a couple of deficiencies and some last flashing that needs to be completed,” Rob said.

“In the 52 Canadians sprinkler system is complete in the ice surface area, which is known as the ‘dry system.’ Work is now being completed in the change room areas, moving to other condition spaces withing the facility, which is considered the ‘wet area.’ Painting of the exposed piping in the arena area is to begin next week and should be completed well in time for ice-in. The new water service for the sprinkler system has been installed to the building and preparations are being completed right now for the construction of the new sprinkler room.”

Elsewhere in the Memorial Sports Centre, Rob said the new flooring in the weight and cardio rooms has been completely installed, with all of the equipment now moved back into place as well.

More visible than some of the pool and Arena projects is road construction. Rob noted that work along Mowat Avenue is proceeding, and that a new sanitary sewer manhole at Mowat and First Street is now installed, along with the sanitary sewer main line to the limits of the construction zone to the west, down First Street.

“Crews are now working on the main heading south down Mowat Avenue,” Rob said.

“Storm sewer mains and catch-basin laterals are to be completed in the intersection over the next couple of days ahead of the forecasted rain coming late this week. The new storm sewer main has been completed from First Street south to Scott Street.”

Moving along to the work being done on the west end of town along Kings Highway, Rob said the new curbs and gutters along the road are completed, and driveway aprons are expected to be installed this week.

“The drainage outlets and associated rock work has been completed along the south curb line and ditching has been completed. the granular type two has been placed and compacted throughout the job, as well as the geogrid. Most of the granular A has been placed and shaped, finished grading and compaction will continue this week until it’s ready for asphalt.”

Rob also noted that topsoil has been placed along the entire length of the project and sod work has begun as of this week.

While the binder coat of asphalt for the Kings Highway project was expected to begin this week, weather permitting, Rob said the final surface coat will be completed in the spring of 2023.