‘Little Theatre’ welcoming more


Those who may have missed Fort Frances Little Theatre’s meeting last Tuesday at McMillan Hall (Knox United Church) still can get involved.
Cathy Richards said the meeting—held to attract more community members—went really well.
“We’re sitting at 20-plus interested people so that’s great,” she enthused, though adding there still are plenty of positions that need filling.
Richards noted she has some big plans in the works now that the local theatre troupe has moved into its new digs at McMillan Hall.
As such, she’s looking for people to fill a variety of roles—from actors and directors to more behind-the-scenes aspects like play selection and writers, as well as someone to do PR, sets, props, and costumes.
In addition to doing productions on the stage there, Richards also is looking at doing other events, such as a haunted house, workshops, and a drama camp.
“I’m hoping to get a drama camp going this summer for kids,” she remarked.
Details have yet to be worked out but Richards is looking at a two-week camp for children aged eight-14.
But right now, the priority is to get the stage lights hung at McMillan Hall.
“If that gets done, we’re looking at doing a Christmas play,” said Richards.
“That should be the first play that we do there.”
Last Tuesday’s meeting also saw the group take care of some organizational aspects.
“Because of this new venture, we have to get better organized,” Richards stressed.
“It’s just necessary for us to tighten up our organizational skills.”
She noted elections will be held in June but a steering committee was struck to keep things going until then.
“We’re going to be looking at possibly some grants now that we have a partnership [with Knox],” Richards added.
“It might open some avenues for us that maybe weren’t before.”
The group also is looking to get its bylaws revamped.
“We still have our work cut out for us before we can do much in terms of production,” Richards conceded.
Anyone interested in getting involved can call Richards at 271-0389 or visit the “Fort Frances Little Theatre” page on Facebook.