Lessons learned

With the chill winds of autumn reminding us that summer is over, reminiscing over the past season’s follies was in high gear down at the Bakery in Drizzle Creek the other morning as I pulled up a chair.
“When did you say you were heading south?” Pickle quizzed me as I extracted a pencil and began recording his latest escapade on a napkin (my short-term memory is just not what it used to be).
Pickle was silent for all of 30 seconds, trying desperately (but in vain) from not exercising that profound ability of his—getting his foot in his mouth.
Turning to Dr. Goodwrench, he stated flatly, “Don’t bring that lawnmower back any more. The warranty has expired. Fix it yourself.”
“You don’t understand. I only work on major pieces of equipment that require substantial professional repairs. I leave that rinky-dink stuff to you backyard doctors,” retorted Dr. Goodwrench as he swept his hair back out of his eyes so he could find his coffee cup.
“No, I don’t have time! I’m busy electrifying my wood splitter, and I have to finish a major tune-up on the missus’ lawnmower. All that rain and mild weather has really kept the lawn growing,” explained Pickle as he checked his watch, then settled back in his chair.
After all, it was only 45 minutes into the coffee break.
“What do you mean electrifying your wood splitter? I thought you powered it off your truck,” remarked the Runt, who to this point had been too deeply involved with his toast and peanut butter to comment on other matters.
“Gas is too expensive, so I mounted a couple of old electric motors on it. Just plug it in and it runs for nothing,” explained Pickle, ever on the lookout for any way to save a nickel.
“Why don’t you have to pay a Hydro None bill like the rest of us?” wondered Moose, who had been uncommonly quiet to this point.
“Oh no. I just run an extension cord under the hedge and plug it in that side outlet on Dot’s house,” bragged Pickle and then realizing he had spilled the beans, reddened and concentrated on his coffee.
A pool immediately was started on how long it would take Dot to detect the errant extension cord. My money’s on Dot.
Pickle will be out of town this week on the mighty moose hunt, so he’s safe for a few days. But he has to tune up that lawnmower first. It must be humming, not so he can cut the lawn. Oh no, he planned carefully the first time he did that a few decades back and made such a mess of it, his good wife hasn’t let him touch it since.
Insists on doing it all herself.
Hmmm, is there a lesson to be learned here?

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