Lack of help puts planting on hold at station

The weather is making me feel like it is the middle of May.
Funny how last year we commented frequently how far behind things were because of the weather, and now it seems we are a month ahead of ourselves.
Meanwhile, if it seems as though I am stalling at the agricultural research station, you are right. I am!
It is killing me, but I am limited on what I can get done without a student.
I keep looking for reasons why it is better that I am not planting (“Well, if I was planting now, harvest would fall right during second cut of alfalfa.)”
Watch for my little stakes. If you see them, you will know I managed to find someone to give me a few hours.
I gladly would plant some demo blocks, but it is difficult to predict how much room I can take without a complete list of trials, etc.
• • •
In case you haven’t noticed the ad in the paper, the Rainy River District Environmental Stewardship Committee once again is having a small tree sale.
If you would like to book your trees, contact Jeff Johnston at 274-6210.
They will be available in early May, and pick-up will be at the Emo Agricultural Research Station.
It was difficult to get trees this year as we still are acting without a co-coordinator, but we went ahead and pre-booked trees for next spring.
• • •
I have a sweet little friend over in Littlefork, Mn. He and his buddy tapped maple trees this spring, and he was kind enough to bring me over a jug of his syrup.
He did a wonderful job as it is delicious!
We enjoy his visits usually every Tuesday!
• • •
Our spring cattle sale is set to go this Saturday (April 24) at the Stratton sales barn.
You have to plan your week differently knowing that the end of the week is going to be busy at the sales barn.
If you have any questions regarding the sale, give Clayton Teeple a call. He can be reached at home (487-1465), by cellphone (275-8188), or this week at the barn (483-5354).
We welcome people to come and view the sale—and enjoy our new lunchroom!
• • •
The Rainy River Federation of Agriculture is planning its spring dinner and entertainment for Saturday, May1 in Stratton.
If you know of someone who currently is an RRFA member, and who has contributed significant volunteer efforts towards the betterment of agriculture here in Rainy River District, please send a quick nomination note to Linda Armstrong at P.O. Box 22 Sleeman, Ont., P0W 1M0.
This is the annual award given out known as the Bill Gibson Memorial Award.
Organizers also are looking for people who would enjoy providing some entertainment for the evening, as well.
It should be a nice evening, and everyone is welcome to attend.
• • •
I finally made it up to the trapline over the weekend. I picked a nice weekend, and we saw lots of wildlife!
The beaver quota is now filled, so that is off the list. The skinning and drying isn’t, though!
I also found an elk shed and caught a big bass, so I had a pretty successful weekend.
Alas, then back home to reality and get chores done.
• • •
Earth Day (April 22) is celebrating its 40th birthday this year (almost the same age as me!)
I thought this was a good way to remind you of all the good things a farmer does for the environment! Just a few examples of things currently being done right here in Rainy River District include caring for the land (better farming practices), planting trees, solar power, wind power, new energy-saving electrical systems, and bio-energy crops.
As a farmer, every day is Earth Day on the farm! It’s good for people, animals, and the planet!

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