‘Kid-Pro’ a fun day on Rainy

Fourteen teams competing in the upcoming Fort Frances Canadian Bass Championship took part in the annual “Kid-Pro” tournament this past Sunday.
Anglers were paired up with a youngster in each boat, and teams fished from 8 a.m.-3 p.m.
It was a three-fish, catch-and-release tournament. Teams caught bass and measured the length, took a picture, and recorded the results.
The fish measurements then were turned in and tabulated, and a winner determined.
I took part in the “Kid-Pro” tournament and once again had a great time. I had two partners in my boat, Danielle Jackson and Hunter Calder, both of whom are excellent anglers.
I guide for a living and they both could cast much better—and had better boat skills—than the majority of the people I take fishing, so I was very impressed.
It was really funny in the morning. As we pulled up to the first spot, Hunter grabbed his rod and was up on the deck before the boat even stopped moving from coming off plane.
As I started to dig out some rods, he already was casting out his topwater bait.
On his second cast, before Danielle and I even got our baits in the water, he had hooked the first bass of the day.
Thanks to the beautiful weather conditions, Hunter was able to catch fish on his topwater bait all day long—and he caught some big ones!
Danielle soon had her topwater bait tied on and was into some instant action, as well. She had a really big bass hit her topwater bait as it moved past a large boulder but, as is so often is the case with topwater baits, the fish just didn’t get all of it.
Danielle did a good job netting all of Hunter’s fish for him, so they made a good team.
The “Kid-Pro” event is a really cool day for kids. Each one of them is able to spend a day in the boat with an FFCBC angler and go through the process of a tournament day.
At that age, they are very impressionable and this event gives them a real taste of what it’s like to chase bass all day long.
There even are a few anglers who have fished the big tournament after getting their competitive fishing start during the “Kid-Pro” event.
The KBI in Kenora has a kids’ event, as well, which allows the youngster to have their own tournament off the dock at the tournament site.
As good as this event is for introducing kids to competitive angling, the “Kid-Pro” deal in Fort Frances is one-of-a-kind, so all of the committee members and volunteers who were involved in starting it—and continue to make it happen—should be very proud.
I would have died at the opportunity to get in the boat with a pro angler when I was 10 years old.
When the “Kid-Pro” registration comes around next year, get your kids signed up. It is a very fun day, and every year all the kids leave with a good prize.
Further, having the opportunity to fish world-class Rainy Lake with people who are experienced on it is such an awesome deal.
Thanks to all those who supported the “Kid-Pro” tournament this year!

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