Just waiting for two more calves

I am very pleased with (most) of my cows. I had all my calves in 31 days, except two.
I’m still waiting on those two, and I think they are a good week or more away from popping. So they are making this process a little longer and drawn out.
It’s pretty messy in the barnyard these days, so walking out through them all with spongy footing below isn’t so fun now.
On the bright side, I have started to sleep through the night again!
The time change hasn’t agreed with me much. I still don’t understand why we have to change the time at all, and I would rather have the daylight in the morning personally.
• • •
I did have a sick calf last week, as well (I think she had a touch of pneumonia). I isolated her and kept her dry, though keeping the cattle dry in this weather isn’t easily done.
The calf seems to be feeling better, but I will have to keep a close eye on things since this can spread quickly.
The best sound is no sound. Usually if the calf isn’t feeling well, the cow isn’t long letting you know as soon as you pop your head out of the door!
• • •
Some of you who read my column may remember that last year I ended up borrowing a Hereford bull to finish up breeding since I was concerned my old bull was favouring his leg and may not be able to breed.
Well, it turns out he had all his cows bred, so the poor borrowed bull just came for a visit (no wonder he had a sore leg!).
The last two that I have to calve were bred to my Red Angus bull. I divide the cattle up and run them in separate pastures for breeding.
I need to start shopping as I need a new Hereford bull. Many of my friends are doing the same–the bull-shopping season has begun now and breeding season will be creeping up again.
• • •
Linda and Evan up in Dryden are on their fifth set of twins for this year. She really needs to consider selling her water.
Their twins, Charlie and Levi, spent the weekend with Grandma and Grandpa Z. again!
Fun stuff, especially now with all the mud and water around!
• • •
It seems we are about three weeks to a month early for all this mud and water! I was thinking about it and how I should watch my basement sump hole.
Unfortunately, I was a day late in thinking of it and ended up with a few inches of water in my basement.
It is a perfect spring for this—lots of water but many drains are not thawed yet.
This is the second time this has happened to me, but I have now learned my lesson and will make the sump pump a permanent part of the basement.
I understand many folks were in the same situation and I sympathize with all of you! A little bit of water sure can make a heck of a mess.
• • •
We had a successful work bee at the Stratton sales barn this past Saturday. A nice crew showed up and the lunch room was getting quite an overhaul (new windows, doors, etc.)
The place is simply looking great. Some of the work that already has been done has proved to be successful as the place is much drier and ready for the first sale on Saturday, March 27.
If you have any questions or cattle, give Clayton Teeple a call at 487-1465.
• • •
Maddie and Marlee will be coming out for the last half of the March Break, so I am expecting lots of fun. I need to get my work caught up so we can play!
Maddie promised she would bring out her “really good splashing boots!”

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