Jobs policies sentencing families to poverty: Hampton

NDP leader Howard Hampton says Dalton McGuinty’s economic policies are failing to protect the province’s good-paying manufacturing jobs and sentencing more Ontario families to poverty.
The magnitude of the manufacturing jobs crisis was heightened Monday with the announcement that General Motors is closing its Windsor transmission plant, sending another 1,400 workers on the unemployment lines.
“This is devastating news for Windsor and adds to the almost 220,000 manufacturing jobs lost across Ontario since July, 2004,” said Hampton.
“Under Dalton McGuinty’s watch, Ontario has lost one-fifth of our manufacturing jobs.
“The McGuinty government seems quite content to let these well-paying manufacturing jobs with good benefits disappear and be replaced by low-wage service jobs without benefits,” he charged.
The GM Windsor layoff announcement came on the same day Campaign 2000, the Toronto and York Region Labour Council, and the Canadian Labour Congress released a report calling on the McGuinty Liberals to develop a jobs strategy that will prevent more Ontario workers from sliding into poverty.
Hampton supports the report’s call for the return of card-based union certification, the introduction of a “Buy Ontario” policy for transportation and energy projects, and the introduction of a strategy to attract more “green collar” jobs to Ontario.
“The continuing job losses are having a dramatic impact on the quality of life in communities across Ontario,” Hampton said. “Family incomes are falling while food, energy, and housing prices are rising.
“By doing nothing, Dalton McGuinty is sentencing more and more Ontario families to a life of poverty,” he concluded.

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