Izumi comes to Sunset Country

Spend any amount of time watching fishing shows on TV and you’ll see somebody catching fish in Sunset Country.
Nearly every major TV fishing show from Canada and the U.S. has, at one time or another, travelled to Sunset Country to take advantage of all the great fishing opportunities here.
In fact, many of these shows travel to our region several times each year because of all the fantastic options.
The biologists and fisheries workers with the Ministry of Natural Resources clearly have implemented regulations that work over the years because most of our fishing opportunities are the best we’ve ever seen.
One thing I’ve learned through all my guiding experiences, and conversations with anglers from all over North America, is that if the resource is here, then anglers will continue to come.
Last week I got to hook up with Canada’s most prominent angler, Bob Izumi, host of the “Real Fishing Show,” who was up here to tape a couple of ice-fishing segments for his TV show.
Although the weather was not perfect, the fishing was excellent. We scored some good multi-species action over three days of fishing.
Sunset Country did not disappoint.
Bob travelled up from southern Ontario with his wife, Sandy, who helps to produce his show, and his son, Darren, who just finished school and is his “cameraman” now. They are great people and a pleasure to fish with.
Probably the best thing I can say about Bob is he’s exactly in real life how he appears on TV—always having fun and cracking jokes.
The guy can fish, too, proven by fact he’s won more tournaments than any other Canadian angler and by the length of his career in the fishing industry (spanning nearly 30 years).
We spent one day on an area lake catching big crappies on small spoons. It took us a while to find a large school of fish, but when we did, the action was crazy.
Bob brought up a machine called a “SnoBear,” which is a large vehicle that runs on tracks and is made specifically for ice anglers. It was a cool machine that’s about the size of a van and has holes in the floor.
On the day we fished for crappies, it was snowing really hard and we actually fished right inside the SnoBear (it was really cool).
Bob has been up to Sunset Country many times over the years, during all seasons, to tape segments for his TV show and he was a competitor in the KBI for many years. My parents have a picture up on the wall at their house of me with Izumi and Gord Pyzer at the very first KBI I ever fished with my dad back in 1993 when I was 10 years old.
I was a geeky kid with glasses at the time, so it’s a really funny picture. I can still remember where we were standing when that picture was taken—it was the highlight of my tournament that first year.
Bob Izumi, still an active tournament angler, was asking a lot of questions about our two big events up here—the KBI and the Fort Frances Canadian Bass Championship—so maybe we will see him up here for these events in the future.

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