It’s time to resume our hectic pace

The parking lot at the marina was only half full this past Saturday afternoon.
Dried leaves floated across the surface of the blue waters of Rainy Lake as those still at their cabins enjoyed the last weekend of August.
Across the district, our children headed back to class yesterday, although they will get their first long weekend of the new school year after only four days at school.
Summer is ending.
Our friends, the Pedeskys on the south side of the island, were packing up and heading home to Wisconsin on Sunday.
The canoes and kayaks were stored for the winter. The fridge was defrosting. And their two children were frolicking in the lake for the last time this year.
Earlier last week, our friends Carole and Phil Greif had left the lake for their long drive home to Tucson via northern Quebec, the Maritimes, and New England.
They travel light in a camper on the back of their half-ton. An average day will see them motor 100-150 km, and they will stop and enjoy every community along their route.
This year’s sojourn will take them more than two months to reach Arizona.
This coming weekend is known across Canada as drop your kids at college or university, and it seems that every parent with a freshman student, or a son or daughter renting an apartment or house for the first time, will be on the road for the quick dash to a major city and home again.
They will join countless other parents looking for the last-minute supplies to keep their children comfortable until they can return home for a home-cooked meal.
They are excited to see their grown children spread their wings and fly, and yet sad with the knowledge that when they come home, they find their children matured and far more independent.
Finally the grass has slowed its growth, although the apple tree in the back yard continues to drop its bounty of sun-ripened red fruit. It has been dropping apples now for a month and barrels and barrels of fruit have been trucked to the dump.
The sweet-100’s that I planted in pots on the deck are laden with tomatoes and the pots of herbs are beginning to blossom.
In just over a week, the annual “Bassin’ for Bucks” tournament will be hosted in Sioux Narrows. It is now the last bass tournament of the season in the region.
Meanwhile, posters are up promoting the walleye tournament in Rainy River being held Sept. 23-25 and the Naicatchewenin First Nation walleye classic on Rainy Lake the following weekend.
Everyone talks about gearing up for the fall. I looked at my calendar for the month of September and have discovered that the doldrums of July and August will be filled with volunteer meetings every week of the month.
Yesterday afternoon I received a reminder of my first fall meeting—today at noon. I am told that I am not alone.
After Labour Day, our lives will resume their hectic pace.

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