Its either too small or too heavy

I have a new lawn mower. It wasn’t that my last mower had died. In fact, it hadn’t. But the deck around the mower had several large size holes appear that shot debris and the occasional stone my way.
Having been stung in the shins by more than a single missile, over the last two years, I reached that point of understanding and pain that my safety had to come and the dependable mower of almost 30 years had to go.
That old mower was self-propelled and depending on how I felt, I could saunter, walk or run behind it as we went around and around the yard. It was a mower that even after sitting from the third week in October to the last weekend in April, a single pull would erupt the engine to a throaty bellowing sound.
With its dependability, it had one minor fault. I always had to rake the lawn and haul the windrows of grass clippings away in a wheelbarrow to the compost pile after mowing.
I never liked the raking part of cutting grass. Maybe it is because once the grass has been cut, it is later in the evening and the mosquitoes are venturing out into the cool area of the yard. And I make for a big white target.
When it came time to replace the mower, I went looking for some particular qualities. It had to have the same motor dependency. The mower had to be self-propelled. And it had to have a bagging capacity. I had tested one with many of those features last year.
So now I have that new mower. It seems that every four days or less, I am lowering the height of the grass. The motor starts great. It isn’t as loud as the last mower, and it collects all the grass clippings and whatever else that is loose as it passes across the lawn. It has one minor fault.
I never gave much thought to how much grass is clipped in my lawn until this year. I knew that it took about an hour most times, but as summer wears on, the frequency declines as the lawn dries out and the grass grows slower.
This spring has been cooler than last year. The rains that we have been receiving have restored moisture to the ground and the grass is growing faster than it has in several years.
The lawn is thicker and my compost pile is higher. I have followed carefully the directions to fertilize the lawn this year. And I will be fertilizing again to combat another crop of weeds growing into the lawn shortly.
The first week of cutting resulted in my emptying three bags of grass clippings before I was done. Last Tuesday, there were six bags of clippings. The bag was filled before I had made one complete pass around the yard.
By the time I had finished emptying the last bag of clippings, I had clocked out at one hour fifteen minutes. And that minor fault is that the bag is too small when it is empty and too heavy when it is full.

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