It’s a good thing

A few days ago, I overheard someone I didn’t know say that I was “strong-willed”—as if there was something wrong with that.
Strong-willed? As opposed to what? Inhibited, quiet, reserved, shy?
I had just finished a psychological mish-mash questionnaire of 50 hypothetical scenarios—the results of which were supposed to magically reveal what kind of a person I “reeeeally” am.
It got me to thinking. So when I got home, I looked up “strong-willed” at one of my favourite websites——just to see what I was synonymous with.
The list was long. It had to be a good thing.
“Self-confident.” Yes, I am thank you very much. Smart, too, while we’re at it. And cute.
“Positive.” Oh, yes. Even on the Titanic, while it was sinking, I likely would have found some optimism in the whole thing.
“Self-assured.” Yep, that’s me again. That I do know. For sure.
At 43 years of age and strong-willed. Hey, it’s gotten me places I’d have never been without a good whack of it.
“I am as the tree. Standing tall, rising up to meet the challenge of the elements. I have many branches. Some have ended to let others begin. Some are flourishing. All helped build me.
“And when the wind blows, I do as the tree—I bend with the flow when life heats up. Flexible and yes, strong-willed.”
However, what to my wandering eyes should I see on the computer screen but some rather undignified, unflattering synonyms of “strong-willed.”
I raised my eyebrow to Spock level. Is it logical then, to say I also am . . . “Pushy.” “Forceful.” “Bullheaded.” “Stubborn.” “Overbearing?”
I closed my eyes and winced.
“God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”
Those crummy words still stared back at me.
Okay, so maybe I am pushy. In a good sort of way. I can be “disagreeably forward” about kids following house rules.
“Forceful?” Well, yes, I’m that way on occasion. Okay, so I know how to “forcefully persuade” my teenagers to do chores.
“Bullheaded” and “stubborn?” I don’t think so. Though my husband might have a different opinion on that. Okay, I am those things, too, but in a loving sort of way. Right, honey?
“Overbearing?” I don’t suppose that has anything to do with attracting too many bears to the bird feeder with sunflower seeds?
Then I checked out Big mistake. It said “see synonym for dictatorial,” which read “tending to dictate” and “domineering.”
Oh, yeah. Come to think of it, that’s me all right.
But in a good way.

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