Improvements asset to cattle sale

While the number of cattle sold at the annual Rainy River Cattlemen’s Association yearling sale Saturday was way down, RRCA president Ken McKinnon was very happy with the way improvements made to their facility in Stratton worked.
“Facility improvements were truly an asset to the sale,” he noted Monday. “The lighting was like daylight in the ring.
“The new penning system allowed for no back-up of animals exiting the ring and the new pen livestock watering bowls worked really well,” he added.
Some 755 animals were sold at the sale, which is well down from 1,204 last year, 1,350 in 2005, and 1,040 in 2004.
McKinnon blamed that on the fact an out-of-the-area buyer heavily canvassed local producers offering to buy their livestock.
“These were animals that would normally be sold through our sale,” he noted.
McKinnon also said price was not an issue as they were getting as good, and in some cases better, than sales yards in both Manitoba and Alberta.
“Good-quality yearling steers were getting between $1.05 and $1.12 per
pound [and] yearling heifers 99¢-$1.05 per pound,” he remarked. “Good cattle sold good, poor cattle were discounted accordingly.”
But while the improvements to lighting, penning, and watering added greater efficiencies to the sale, there’s still work to be done on the sales barn.
A radio frequency I.D. reader, as well as a crowding tub and squeeze, still are on the books. McKinnon said that between sales, they hope to get the tub/squeeze in place.
The rest of the work likely will wait until sometime in the new year.
Next up for the RRCA is a calf sale on Oct. 6 and then a mixed sale on Oct. 27.
McKinnon also said the new sales manager, Clayton Teeple, and his family deserve a lot of credit for putting on a really good sale Saturday.
“They deserve many thanks, and worked some days into the wee hours to make it a success,” he noted.

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